The Yellow

When we went to the Yellow
Mountains, our tour guide told
us that the Yellow Mountains
are called that because every
day the emperor would go to
the yellow mountains and pick
herbs for him self.   He picked
them because he thought that
he would live longer and have
a longer life.  The reason why
this has to do with the word
Yellow is because, the
emperor always wears yellow.
 No one in China is allowed to
wear yellow except for the
emperor. That is why it is
called the Yellow Mountains.
This rock is called
"The Thumb".
We started out trip up the yellow mountains by taking a tram.  We could
look out the windows and see the beautiful view of the mountains.
This was a picture with
Olivia and I and our
tour guide named Ellen.
Over on the right is a chain
with a bunch of locks on it.  
It is called "Locks of Love".  
This is a picture of us
putting our own lock on one
of the many chains in the
Yellow Mountains to show
that we were there and to
show that we love each
other.  There are so many
different locks that have
peoples names carved on  
them and the year they put
it on.  We hope that our
lock stays there for ever
and ever.  Our lock was
really shiny because it was
new and it stood out the
This man has to carry a whole
bunch of heavy  things on his
back.  I would not want to be him.  
He has to walk up all of those
steps with pounds of stuff.  When
he is done carrying all of it, he has
to walk all the way back down and
get more stuff to carry back up.  
That is his job and he seems  to be
really used to carrying that much
stuff around.