~Julia Battile
~ Sonia Cole
~ Erin Hicks
~Annie Newberry
~ Ana Lascari
~Olivia Lascari
~ Lily Solomon

Special thanks to all the parents and donors for donating time, energy,
and items

Also thanks to Jonah Wolff, Ian Hicks and Clay Brown for his cool truck.
Members responsible for the garage sale

A special thanks to those who donated money and items for the garage


Before we went to China, we wanted to bring something to help the children
at the orphanages.  We did this because we feel lucky.  We have more then
we need and the children in the orphanages don't have as much.  Poppa
called someone who was a tour guide to find out what the orphanages
needed the most.  Both Olivia and Ana's orphanages needed air
conditioners. Each air conditioner would coast $1,000.  

A group of girls from the Social Action Committee agreed to help us raise
the money by having a garage sale.  Many people donated great stuff and
many people helped on the day of the sale.  We thank everyone who helped
us and we decided not to list all the names of people because we were
afraid of leaving somebody out.  

When we got to China we found out that we could not buy the air
conditioners by our selfs.  We did not just want to give them the money.  We
did buy books and learning computers for the children while we visited the

We researched when we got home and Olivia decided to give $1,000 to
Half-the-Sky's Baby Sisters Infant program.  The money was enough to pay
for 10 nannies or 1 nanny for ten months.

The Baby Sisters Infant Program
The little ones in Half the Sky’s Baby Sisters Infant Nurture Centers make
their journey from sleeping infants to running toddlers with the help of Half
the Sky-trained nannies with whom they develop deep emotional bonds.
These are the bonds that are crucial for healthy brain development.

Half the Sky’s nannies—retired or laid-off workers from the local
community—are trained to act as every parent who has fallen in love with a
child intuitively acts—they sing, play, cuddle, hug, and generally dote on
their charges. In so doing the nannies help babies avoid the problems that
are so common in institutionalized children who have been fed and clothed,
but not cherished.

The nannies help babies avoid the problems common in institutionalized
children who have been fed and clothed, but not cherished.  The nannies
learn to recognize the signs of delays. They learn simple therapies to help
the babies reach developmental milestones.  They learn the art of
responsive care…watching their young charges, listening to them, and
providing the nurture as it is needed.

Infants need more than food and clothes—they need the daily love and
interaction with caring adults that Half the Sky’s nannies provide.

Ana decided to donate $1,000 to Angle Covers' Mama's Wish Program.  
The $1,000 was enough for 8  out of 67 girls to go to middle school or high
school for a year.

Mama's Wish
In late August 2005, Love Without Boundaries learned about an incredible
group of young women determined to bring a brighter future to themselves,
their families, and their villages.  Although most of these girls are not
orphans, they have beaten the odds with strong will, steadfast
determination, and lots of hard work.  These girls have been accepted to
high school, but they live in the impoverished Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous
Prefecture in QingHai Province, where the average family income is $100
per year, and the size of most of their families is 6 or more.  One girl has 13
members of her family living together, with a total family annual income of
just $98 USD.  Some of these students are the very first girls in their village
to be accepted to high school. They want nothing more than to have the
opportunity to learn.  We know that their mothers hold that same wish - for
their daughters to be given an opportunity that was never open to them.
Angel Covers was honored to be asked to help expand this life-changing
program. Angel Covers is currently seeking sponsors for 67 of these hard
working girls, and will have even more children available each fall.