Fun Facts
Did you now that the
emperor can have as
many wives as he
wants?  It was very
different back then and
now men can only have
one wife.  I found that
very interesting.  
I bet that you will be very amazed when you find out.  I know
I was.  From New York to California and back is the length
of the Great Wall of, China.  Would you have guessed that?  
I had no idea that it was that long before I found out.  I hope
you found that fact very interesting.
Do you know how long the Great Wall of China is?
When we were in China we found out that the emperor cannot leave the
Forbidden City at any time.  I would not like that.  He is not allowed go
out and see what China is like.  The only people allowed in the Forbidden
City are women.  They are only allowed in during the daytime.  Men are
also allowed in but only if they get their tentacles cut off.  When they get
there tentacles cut off, it makes them loose their hormones.s
The people in China built
the Great Wall to keep
the Mongolians out of
their Empire.  It was built
and rebuilt many times
during different
dynastys.  The last one
was about 1764.
We visited 2 different
teahouses where they
showed us the proper way
to hold a teacup.  A
teahouse is a place where
you can try all different
kinds of teas.  
Some Chinese teas are Green tea,
Jasmine, Oolong, Rose, and Black tea.  
Green tea is known for good sight, long
life, and no cancer.  Whenever you are
drinking Oolong tea, you have to make
it in a clay pot.  The reason why is
because it gives the tea a special
cup.  Girls hold the cup differently them boys do.  
cup.  Girls hold the cup differently them boys do.  
When you are drinking any kind of tea, you supposed
to drink three sips.  The first sip stands for longevity,
the second sip stands for good the third sip stands for
prosperity.  They don’t really follow that saying any
more.follow that saying any more.
There are a lot more girls then boys in orphanages these days.  The reason
why is because every one in China is only allowed one child.  So a lot of people
would give up their child most likely if it is a girl, because during this time the
boys were more helpful.  Boys would be strong and help on the farm. Most
mothers wouldn't want to give up their child, but that mother and her husband
would be shunned.  Their parents and friends would ignore them; they would
feel a lot of pressure to do so.
A dynasty is named
after an emperor's
last name.  So the
dynasty name
would change when
the last name of the
emperor would
change.  In this
picture it is the
Dynasty.  :-)