The Great Wall

Left to right:
Ana,  Olivia
and Ronnie
(our guide who
was very nice
to us)

The Lion
behind us in
the picture has
a baby
underneath the
paw.  That
means that the
lion is a
girl/mother.  A
boy/father lion
would have a
ball underneath
the paw.
The picture on the top is one of
the temples where the emperor
would spend his time.  This
temple is located inside the
walls of the forbidden city.
The Forbidden City does not have trees or
bushes.  The reason why is so no one could hide
in the bushes and attack the emperor.  There
were no trees because a tree in a square is bad

The gold
lion behind
us is a male.
 The other
gold lion is a
female and
you can see
the baby
under it's
Tiananmen Square
The Forbidden City
In Tiananmen Square, there
were a lot of rules.  One of
them was that you cant go on
any grass that is there.  Also
there were a lot of Chinese
policemen around.  You were
not allowed to sell any kind of
merchandise but there were a
lot of people who broke the
roll and tried to sell us kites.
Tiananmen Square is a
famous place to Americans
because the Chinese police
shot and killed students
who were demonstrating
there.  It was a little scary
for us to be there in the
same place where students
got shot.
The Great Wall has been standing for more then 200 years.  It has been
rebuilt many times before.  If you want to learn more about The Great
Wall, go to the
Fun Facts page.